ColorPicker Control for Windows Universal Apps

In one of my projects at work I needed to use a Color Picker, so as usual, I was hoping to find something good through nuget. Much to my surprise I couldn’t find a decent ColorPicker that would work for Universal Apps, or at least nothing that’s good enough for my task (to be honest this is one of the few times nuget failed me, I get all I need, most of the times).

So I decided to start Visual Studio and create a simple Color Picker, this what I ended up doing:

t’s a very simple control to use, you need to to select the main color from the slider, and select the how dark/light the color should be. Also it will keep showing two colors, the current and previous for comparison.

And the good part, it works great on Windows Universal Apps

You can find the control on Nuget by searching for “ColorPicker”.

Or you can use this line on Nuget package console:

You’re free to use this control for any free or commercial project

Please reach me for any feature request (or bugs report) on Twitter @TareqAteik

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